March 16th

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

These big goofy dinosaur-like birds are back!

I’m pretty petrified of Sandhill Cranes, as I came across one with a baby by accident when I was riding my horse as a child, and it flew at me and very nearly attacked both me and my horse. I can’t blame her, but it was terrifying. I also keep a pretty healthy distance because these birds are almost as tall as me – 4 feet tall with beaks the size of my forearm. I love seeing them because they are so unique and beautiful, I just give them plenty of room (especially when they have babies!).

If their size isn’t intimidating enough, they sound like what I would imagine dinosaurs sounded like. And they are LOUD. If you’ve never heard one, click here.

Just another sign of spring, and I love it!


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