March 12th

Sunday, March 12th, 2017

Happy Sunday!

I’ve written before about the small group that Paul and I are a part of, but not much about our church. Well, let’s talk about WestBridge! A non-denominational church in St. Michael, they focus on the word and love of God and how that impacts our community; how we can take the word and apply it to everyday life. Paul and I went to one service last October and we fell in love. The one quirk?

Everyone. Is. Late. We’ve come to embrace it, but at first it was so different from any other church we’ve been a part of. This picture was taken six minutes before the service started. SIX! Every week, we think to ourselves, “looks like it’s going to be a quiet week” and -BAM!- the songs start and the entire auditorium fills up. It’s a point of extreme curiosity for us. Is it because the service starts with music, so people feel comfortable walking in a little late? Is it because we’re at a school and don’t have a super great congregational space to stand around and chat, so people come last minute? Is there a super secret fun event happening down in the children’s ministry area up until service that we don’t know about because we don’t have kids? I guess we’ll never know. 😉


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