March 1st

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

I was completely heartbroken last week when I walked through our woods (without my camera, of course) and came across a Barred Owl. Photographing an owl has been at the top of my wildlife bucket list, and it would just be fate that the one time I didn’t have my camera I’d not only come across one, but have it sit still and watch me with curious eyes for multiple minutes. I was able to walk under the tree she was sitting in before she flew off.

The odds of seeing her again, especially that close? Not in a million years.

But regardless, I strapped on my camera today and went for another walk. At a certain point along the way we stopped and I started photographing a Pileated Woodpecker. Afterward, I turned to talk to Paul, and there she was! Curled up next to the trunk of a tree, watching us quietly. I simply could not believe it.

She was so beautiful! I couldn’t believe how patiently she sat as I photographed her. What an amazing experience!

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