February 23rd

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

It was so refreshing to see these bright colors this afternoon!

Paul and I have heard raving reviews about this dog park not far from us, but we don’t have a dog so have never had a reason to go. Out of curiosity we stopped in today.

When I think dog park, I think a small fenced in area for dogs to be off-leash. This dog park was HUGE – at least 10 acres! Butting up to the Crow River, there were miles of trails winding through woods and open areas along the river. No wonder people love taking their dogs here! It was not only a great place for the dogs, but a beautiful place to just go for a walk.

While walking along the river, we were in an area with a lot of mature trees; Paul estimated that many were at least 50 feet tall. We came across a spot where many had fallen, more than likely a result of last summers big storm, and one of the trees had beautiful moss growing all over it. The bright saturated green was such a sight among the grays and browns of empty trees and bare ground.


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