February 18th

Saturday, February 18th, 2017


This weather is so spring-like, it’s impossible to not want to be outside. And living on the farm, you forget how much work “spring” brings. Making sure culverts are flowing, creating channels in the field to help it drain, sweeping, cleaning, ice chipping, pulling horses out of the pasture so try have a dry place to relax. Grooming said mud-covered horses. 😒

But we opened the front main slider barn doors for the first time this year, and everyone – horses and humans – were enjoying that! Just like inside your home, the air gets stale in the barn, and it made a big difference to get a solid flow of fresh warm air to move through. As it gets super dusty in the barn when we don’t have adequate air flow, this also meant we were able to sweep the barn aisle for the first time in a few months (look at all that dust and crud!). Felt like a whole new place!


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