February 4th

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Flat light all day long. Can the gloominess take a hike please?

Paul and I decided to take a drive this afternoon on a route that we had never been on. Our hope was to run into an abandoned place or old farm, as I’m trying to build up more of that area of my portfolio. Well, we ran into plenty, but the road had no shoulder the entire way – so we couldn’t stop. So we just enjoyed the sights and kept driving. Our drive brought us through downtown Dayton, and we fell in love! The houses, churches, and businesses that were all within a few square block radius was so small town America. I loved it!

So on our way back home, we just cruised past our favorite local barn – our neighbor’s round barn. One of only a few left in Minnesota still standing, it’s in remarkable shape and in such a picturesque spot. The season is not overly pretty – no snow and no green grass and trees – but the red stands out all the same.

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