January 23rd

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

In early October, good friends of ours came over for supper. At some point during the evening they peeked at the calendar hanging in our fridge, and said “Oh good! Your Monday evenings are open! You should consider coming to our Bible study group that starts next week!” We had them shoot us the information, and they went home for the night.

Paul and I are both strong believers in God’s guidance. There have been so many instances in our relatively short marriage in which God has come through in such strong ways that it’s hard to brush it off as “coincidence.” Jake and Lauren coming over for dinner that night was one of those shining lights. At first our excuse was Paul working Monday nights. SkyWest called and said oh yeah, we need your flight for a trainee, enjoy the night off. Then we questioned the church the group was through, and wouldn’t you know a mailer for WestBridge was sitting on our counter – it had come in the mail two days earlier. It was like God was saying “Trust me on this one. How many more doors do I need to open?”

So we went. And we LOVED IT. These wonderful people we’ve come to know and consider friends are the highlight of our Mondays. We share a meal, praise God, and talk about life. We celebrate together, pray together, support each other in the tough times. They are such a blessing!

So how does this image play in? Jake and Lauren hosted tonight, and I brought my camera hoping for a chance to get a shot. While we were putting on our coats to leave, we were admiring the beautiful pallet American flag Lauren had made…so out came the camera!

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