January 14th

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

For as weird, gangly, and ungraceful turkeys are, I secretly LOVE them. Have you ever sat and watched a turkey? At the very least they’ll make you smile, but they make me out right giggle. The way they communicate with each other is so animated – puffing chests, fluffing feathers, dirt baths. They roost in trees that seem like they shouldn’t support their weight, and the beginning of each flight begins as an outright fall until their wings catch up with their body weight. But then you see a tom put on a show for the ladies and he takes your breath away. And you stop and listen to them coo and cluck to each other and it sounds like a song. They really are beautiful birds!

Today I was lucky enough to tango with a flock of about 25 turkeys, but couldn’t catch them all at once. But what a neat experience! I would’ve spent all day with them if I could have.

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