January 12th

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Meet my husband, Paul.

(See, I told you  you’d be seeing him again!)

Let me tell you about Paul. Things he is: Steadfast, loyal, funny, hard working, playful, intelligent, strong, insightful, adapting, stubborn, committed, a man of Christ, detail oriented, always moving. Things he is not: Patient. Except in two circumstances. 1. When he’s teaching (students or animals), and 2. When I ask to photograph him. Then he sets everything aside and would stand for hours, stepping to the left (no, no to the right!) forward (no, no sorry I meant back)…you get the picture. But seriously, this man is the cheese to my macaroni, surf to my wave, light of my life. He supports my dreams, usually believing in them more than I do, and is constantly pushing me to explore what I have to offer the world. He sees more in me than I will ever be able to even begin to fathom. God blessed me with a gift I will never cease to be thankful for – this man’s love.

In a spirit of thankfulness, take a minute to leave me a comment letting me know what is your favorite thing about your significant other/spouse and why. Dish!

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