January 9th

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Happy Snow Day fellow Minnesota friends!

Meet Buck. A very very special soul that came to live with us about 9 years ago. We opened Craigslist one day and saw his beautiful face. We were looking for a horse for my mom, and his family was moving and in turn he needed a new home. Fate people. FATE. We show up, and he’s a gentleman. Money exchanges hands and we bring him home. Fast forward a day or two. Holy 180 degree turn Batman. He was biting at any men that tried to touch him, striking at people with any foot that could or would flail, wouldn’t let anyone touch him, was impossible to catch and was SO. SCARED. Luckily, he liked women, so he and I had an agreement of sorts. I would clean his stall, talk to him, try and touch him. One day it all fell into place when I carried a shovel into his stall to clean and if he could’ve climbed the walls he would have. *Lightbulb* Men and shovels. My heart broke into pieces. I cried, he shook. Our hearts took a different turn that day, and our approach changed.

Today, he happily approaches anyone, will move away from pressure without lifting his back feet, picks up all four feet, confidently moves out in front on trail rides, and plays with toys. Things are still scary, don’t be fooled, but we have come so far. And his big heart and will to please shines through the fear. As his true personality started to shine through, we learned he LOVES snow. He wants to be out in it – sleet, rain, snow, wind. His eyelashes will be frozen and he’s reveling in it. So this picture is precious to me, as there is no fear in his eyes, only kinship, playfulness.

The great things take the most time, but are the most rewarding.

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